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A study of patients with fracture of the proximal femur


This study aims to capture data relating to quality of life and resource use from a cohort of patients representative of the national UK hip fracture population. Patients will be enrolled to this cohort either in isolation (i.e. they only enrol to the cohort) or their data will be included in this cohort as a results of enrolment in one of the associated randomised clinical trials on hip fracture.


Hip fractures are one of the commonest osteoporotic fractures in the UK and are the single greatest healthcare burden in this country. They cause considerable ill-health and death for many people. As a consequence of the importance of this injury, the NHS has set up the National Hip Fracture Database to help determine how well the NHS treats patients with a hip fracture and to try to improve this service. This study aims to record important additional patient-centred outcomes of treatment. Using this information, we aim to be able to test new treatments that may in the future improve our treatment of patients with a hip fracture.

Chief/Principal investigator

Chief investigator

Chief investigator

Prof Matthew Costa

Principal investigator

Principal investigator

Mr Ansar Mahmood
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