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Human Tissue Biorepository


The University of Birmingham is aiming to develop its own Human Biomaterials Resource Centre (HBRC). The centre will collect and store quality-assured human tissue for use in biomedical research. It will support the specific needs of research teams and tissue will also be made available to other biomedical UK research groups, including those in the commercial sector.


The tissue Biobank will provide a simple, efficient, and high-quality way to collect, store, and distribute human samples and data according to regulatory requirements. The HBRC acts as a ‘safe haven’ for human samples and data, and as an ‘honest broker’ for their distribution to researchers. The HBRC seeks to establish excellence in research biobanking as a routine and seamless part of healthcare provision. In doing so, it seeks to enable a better understanding of diseases and their progress in order to improve treatments and outcomes for all.

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