Revere Move

Full title: Restorative Virtual Environments for Rehabilitation: Feasibility of the use of interactive technology-enhanced recumbent cycling to aid (VeloVR) mobilisation on the Intensive Care Unit

Aim: evaluate whether a new interactive game, VeloVR, designed to provide patients with feedback during their in-bed cycle sessions, is feasible and safe to use in stable patients, diagnosed with ICU-AW on the ICU.

Background: Whilst many patients recover from critical illness with few adverse consequences, many patients develop a condition called “Intensive Care Acquired Weakness (ICU-AW)”, a condition where they suffer profound muscle wasting resulting in severe incapacitating weakness. As part of their therapy to aid recovery and rehabilitation, these patients are encouraged to perform in-bed cycling. Unlike the majority of exercise equipment found in commercial gyms and at home, the in-bed cycle device provides the patients with no form of performance feedback or distraction from the discomfort many experience as consequence of exertion.