Full title: Conduit Nerve approximation versus Neurorrhaphy Evaluation of Clinical outcome Trial

Aim: find out which of the three methods of nerve repair provides best results and provide lower rate of complications from the surgery.

  1. Stitching injured nerve ends directly together.
  2. Stitching nerve ends directly together and placing a nerve conduit around it.
  3. Placing the injured nerve ends together without stitches and using the nerve conduit to maintain their position and heal

Background: a nerve injury is repaired by joining the two cut ends of the nerve with stitches using a microscope. Recently there are published data suggesting that a nerve conduit (a flexible tube used to bridge between the two ends of a cut nerve) may protect a repaired neve or reduce scar formation at the site of repair. The newer technique would mean either you may have a repair under the microscope and have a nerve conduit placed over the repair or have a nerve conduit placed without the repair of the nerve but with a few sutures at the ends.