Our 24/7 research nurse team, the first nurse-led team in the country to operate out of a Major Trauma Centre, are currently recruiting to over 35 clinical trials. They are able to recruit 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round which enables them to reach patients regardless of the time they’re admitted.

Created in 2012 the team has gone from strength to strength and now recruits to clinical trials spanning nine specialties with new trials being sent to them every day due to their expertise being in such high demand.

Trauma is not nine to five – so neither are our nurses.

Below is a list of the trials currently being recruited to by our research nurse team.


  • SiFTi-2


    Full title: A Multi-centre, Prospective Study to Examine the Relationship between Neutrophil Function and Sepsis in Adults and Children with Severe Thermal Injuries Aim: To validate early biomarkers of sepsis in severe burn injury in adults…

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  • Re-Energize


    Full title: A RandomizEd Trial of ENtERal Glutamine to minimIZE Thermal Injury (multicentre pragmatic RTC) Aim: to recruit 2700 patients worldwide to a large multicentre RTC to determine the efficacy and safety of glutamine supplementation for reducing infectious…

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  • Crash-3


    Full title: Tranexamic acid for the treatment of significant traumatic brain injury: an international randomised, double blind placebo controlled trial Aim: The CRASH-3 trial will provide reliable evidence about the effect of tranexamic acid on mortality and…

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    Full title: Sedation Practice in Intensive Care Evaluation  Aim: investigate if Early Goal-Directed Sedation (EGDS) compared to standard sedation care will reduce delirium (confusion), time on a ventilator and duration of ICU stay and improve survival. Background: Most…

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  • Revere Breathe

    Revere Breathe

    Full title: Feasibility of the use of Interactive Technology-enhanced Incentive Spirometry  Aim: assess the usability of InspireVR compared to the currently-used IS device, Spiroball Background: Patients undergoing major upper gastrointestinal surgery (oesophagectomy or total gastrectomy) are recommended to complete deep…

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  • Revere Move

    Revere Move

    Full title: Restorative Virtual Environments for Rehabilitation: Feasibility of the use of interactive technology-enhanced recumbent cycling to aid (VeloVR) mobilisation on the Intensive Care Unit Aim: evaluate whether a new interactive game, VeloVR, designed to provide patients…

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  • REST


    Full title: pRotective vEntilation with veno-venouS lung assisT in respiratory failure Aim: determine whether VV-ECCO2R and lower tidal volume mechanical ventilation improves outcomes and is cost-effective, in comparison with standard care in patients who are mechanically ventilated…

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    Full title: A clinical trial of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to improve lung function for patients who have abdominal surgery Aim: assess if Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) benifits patients after abdominal surgery. Background: Mortality and…

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    Full title: A Phase I/II Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of MultiStem® Cell Therapy in Subjects with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Aim: investigate the safety and potential benefit of an adult stem cell product…

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    Full title: The Stimulation Ventilation Study Aim: to see if using magnetic stimulation to mimic normal breathing can reduce the loss in diaphragm strength that occurs when patients are mechanically ventilated. Background: Some patients come into hospital so…

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  • PROTECT Neuro

    PROTECT Neuro

    Full title: PROSPECTIVE COHORT EVALUATION OF NEUROCAP® In the Treatment of symptomatic Neuroma Aim: collect data on the long-term safety and usefulness of the Neurocap®, a nerve capping device in the treatment of painful neuromas. Background: a neuroma…

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    Full title: Conduit Nerve approximation versus Neurorrhaphy Evaluation of Clinical outcome Trial Aim: find out which of the three methods of nerve repair provides best results and provide lower rate of complications from the surgery. Stitching injured…

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  • WHiTE 5

    WHiTE 5

    Full title: The World Hip Trauma Evaluation Five Aim: any difference in patients’ quality of life when their hip fracture is treated with one of two common operations. Background: This is a feasibility study that will help plan…

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  • WHiTE


    Full title: The World Hip Trauma Evaluation Study Aim: gather more information on the followup of a hip fracture that can be used to improve services and outcomes for patients with this injury in the future.…

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  • WHiST


    Full title: Wound Healing in Surgery for Trauma Aim: to compare Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) with standard dressings for patients with surgical wounds associated with major trauma to the leg. Background: ‘Major Trauma’ occurs when…

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    Full title: UK Study of Tendo Achilles Rehabilitation Aim: compare two different methods of rehabilitation to find out which is best for patients who have torn their Achilles Tendon. Background: Your Achilles tendon connects your calf muscle to…

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    Full title: Resuscitation with Pre-Hospital Blood Products Aim: this trial investigates whether giving blood products (red blood cells and freeze-dried plasma) to badly injured adult patients before reaching hospital improves their clinical condition. Background: This trial…

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    Full title: EFFICACY OF VAS203 IN PATIENTS WITH MODERATE AND SEVERE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY  Aim: evaluate if the new drug VAS203 (produced by vasopharm GmbH, Würzburg, Germany) is effective in preventing and/or reducing the swelling of brain…

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    Full title: Gut microbiome monitoring in the critically ill Aim: explore new technology to analyse gut bacteria in ICU patients to provide information with the intention of understanding and improving patient management in the future. Background: long-stay…

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  • Dex-CSDH


    Full title: A randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial of a two-week course of dexamethasone for adult patients with a symptomatic Chronic Subdural Haematoma Aim: assess the potential benefits of the cortico-steroid dexamethasone on chronic subdural haematomas Background:…

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  • Crash-3 MS

    Crash-3 MS

    Full title: Mechanism of action of tranexamic acid in isolated head injury: a mechanistic sub-study of the CRASH-3 trial Aim: the main CRASH-3 study has been designed to tell us whether tranexamic acid is helpful or not, this mechanistic…

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    Full title: Collaborative European NeuroTrauma Effectiveness Research in Traumatic Brain Injury  Aim: to learn more about TBI and identify the most effective treatments Background: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a very prevalent – but still poorly understood –…

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  • TraumaBank
  • Biobank
  • CRASH-3


    This study is designed to test the use of a drug called tranexamic acid (TXA) for the treatment of significant traumatic brain injury.

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  • GAinS (Genomic Advances in Sepsis)

    GAinS (Genomic Advances in Sepsis)

    Date Opened: 2005 Type: Size: Multi-centre Current Status: Open Recruitment to date:  55 Lead Researchers (UK): Prof Charles Hinds (Intensive Care Unit, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London), Dr Chris Garrard (Intensive Care Unit, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford) Principle Investigator (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham): Dr…

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  • Golden Hour

    Golden Hour

    Date opened: May 7, 2014 Type: Cohort, observational, controlled. Size: Single centre Current status: Open Recruitment to date: 67 Lead researchers: Prof Tony Belli Overview Through the collaboration of the University of Birmingham, University Hospitals Birmingham…

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  • Halt-it


    Haemorrhage alleviation with tranexamic acid – Intestinal system (Halt-it) Date opened: Type: International randomised, double blind placebo trail Size: Multi-centre Current status: Open Recruitment to date: 107 Lead researcher (Birmingham): Dr Elaine Hardy Overview Acute gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is…

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    Date Opened: April 2014 Type: Longitudinal observational control study Size: Single Centre Current status: Open Recruitment to date: 57 Lead researchers: Prof Tony Belli, Dr Michael Grey Overview The REpetitive COncussion in Sport (RECOS) study is designed to look…

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    Date Opened: October 2014 Type: Prospective observational Cohort Study Size: Single centre Current status: Open Recruitment to date: 8 Lead researchers: Prof Tony Belli, Mr. David Davies   Overview When people suffer a brain injury,…

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  • Rescue-ASDH


    Date opened: March 2015 Type: Pragmatic, parallel group randomised Controlled Trial Size: Multi-centre Current status: Open Recruitment to date: 3 Lead researcher (overall study): Prof Tony Hutchinson (University of Cambridge) Lead researcher (SRMRC): Prof Tony Belli  …

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  • SUBMIT: Stability of Unicortical Vs Bicortical Metacarpal fracture Internal fixation Trial

    SUBMIT: Stability of Unicortical Vs Bicortical Metacarpal fracture Internal fixation Trial

    Date opened: 01 June 2015 Type: Randomised Controlled Trial Size: Single Centre Recruitment to date: 8 Lead researchers: Lt Col. Mark Foster, Mr Rajive Jose Overview Hand fractures can be treated by fixing the bone with…

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