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David Davies

David Davies

Clinical Lecturer

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham


Traumatic brain injury


MBBCh (Hons), University of Wales College of Medicine
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Mr David Davies is a Clinical Lecturer in neurosurgery and at the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham working in the field of traumatic brain injury with the NIHR SRMRC.

He initially graduated from the University of Wales College of Medicine Cardiff, and after completing his initial years of general training in Cardiff began specialist neurosurgical training in 2008, with posts in Nottingham, Coventry and Birmingham. He graduated as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in October 2008. He held a fellowship with the SRMRC from Aug 2013 to 2016. He was appointed academic clinical lecturer in neurosurgery in March 2017.

Within this field his work and specialist interests involve the development of optical techniques within the context of traumatic brain injury, particularly working in conjunction with physical and computer scientists. He is very keen to incorporate contemporary research from the seemingly unrelated disciplines of engineering and computer sciences into the field of neurosurgical trauma. He is involved in many national and international trials into the treatment of a variety of operative and non-operative aspects of traumatic brain injury, and has experience in many specialist techniques including cerebral microdialysis, brain tissue oxygen monitoring and multi-modal MR imaging.

Concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (particularly in sport) is also a key area in which Mr Davies currently works, including the NIHR RECOS and SCRUM studs involving participants elite athletes. Within this context he works as part of the biomarker research team, particularly investigating the role of micro-RNA and other non-coding genetic material within the context of traumatic brain injury.