Professor Will Palin

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Will Palin

Role within SRMRC

Will Palin is the PI in the SRMRC project with aims to develop novel antibacterial technologies using photo disinfection.

Other positions held

No other positions held.


  • PhD Biomaterials – University of Birmingham
  • MPhil Biomaterials – University of Birmingham
  • BMedSc (Biomedical Materials Science) – University of Birmingham

Based at

University of Birmingham


Following a short research appointment at the University of Minnesota, USA, he was appointed as a Lecturer in Biomaterials in 2004 and subsequently promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2008, Reader in 2013 and Professor in 2016. Since his PhD, Will has focussed his research principally in dental materials science, although he has recently identified the translational potential of his work in other fields such as orthopaedic biomaterials. He is fortunate to work in a multi-disciplinary research area, where molecular and cell biology help to understand the interaction of materials within the biological system, which underlines the importance of an interdisciplinary approach (to both teaching and research) at the materials science-biological interface.

Will has been a committee member of the Association of Basic Science Teaching in Dentistry since 2009 and promotes innovations in teaching to help students better understand the importance of materials science in dentistry.

Contact details

Will Palin