Minnie Ventura

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Minnie Ventura

Role within SRMRC

Minnie joined the SRMRC in December 2017 as Clinical Trials Coordinator, providing administrative support in the set-up and administration of clinical trials. In particular, Minnie coordinates the set-up of a number of trauma, burns and critical care studies to ensure that the Trust has the capacity and capability to deliver these studies. Moreover, Minnie also provides support on the development of protocols for home-grown studies and completion of documents required in getting ethical approval. Minnie also develops standard operating procedures in compliance with regulatory authorities’ requirements, i.e., Human Tissue Authority, among others.

Other positions held

No other positions held.


MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy, University of Birmingham

Based at

Location not known.


With a background in policy research, Minnie developed interest in clinical research when she moved to the UK. She gained her clinical research experience when she worked at the R&D Division – University Hospital Southampton as Clinical Trials Assistant for more than a year. She was involved in the set-up and delivery of clinical studies in various specialties such as hepatology, lower GI, cancer, and diabetes.

Minnie Ventura



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