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Elaine Spruce

Role within SRMRC

As a research sister, Elaine looks after patients recruited to research studies, ensuring that their safety and wellbeing is maintained, and that study procedures are carried out according to study protocols. Elaine also plays an important part in recruiting patients, including screening, ensuring eligibility is confirmed, consenting patients, and collecting data. As a sister, Elaine is often ‘in-charge’ during her shifts, meaning that she is responsible for delegating tasks to her colleagues, as well as ensuring that prioritised tasks are completed and in line with Good Clinical Practice. Carrying the on-call mobile she is also the main point of contact for any patient, relative, healthcare professional, trial centre, or any of her nursing or administration colleagues who have a query. As a sister, Elaine also works on-call shifts meaning that she is available overnight for trial related queries, study-specific procedures, or even recruitment out-of-hours.

Other positions held

No other positions held.


  • BSc in Critical Care (Nursing Studies)
  • BSc (hons) in Nursing

Based at

Location not known.


Elaine Spruce qualified as a registered nurse in 2008 and has since worked in a variety of specialities. She has spent the majority of her career working in critical care as a staff nurse which she thoroughly enjoyed, and later went on to complete her BSc in Critical Care Nursing in 2015. Elaine has always found nursing research interesting, and gained her first post in research in September 2016 where she joined the SRMRC team as a band 5 research nurse. Developing within her role, Elaine successfully gained a promotion in February 2018 where she became a band 6 research sister. Elaine is passionate about research and feels privileged to be helping improve the outcomes for patients who are critically unwell or have sustained traumatic injury. She believes that every patient within the NHS should have the opportunity to take part in research.

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Elaine Spruce



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