Prof Mark Pallen

Prof Mark Pallen

Prof Mark Pallen


11:10 – Chair of the Microbiology session
11:45 – Update on genomic epidemiology of bacterial pathogens in trauma patients at QEHB


Having obtained his medical education from the University of Cambridge and the London Hospital Medical College, Professor Pallen completed his specialist training as a medical microbiologist at Bart’s Hospital in London.

In the mid-1990s, while completing a PhD in molecular bacteriology at Imperial College, London, Prof Pallen led a team of students to victory in the BBC2 quiz show University Challenge.

In 1999, he took up a chair in microbiology at Queen’s University Belfast, before moving to his current position in Birmingham in 2001.

In 2011 he appeared on an BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time on an episode examining the origins of infectious disease.

Prof Pallen is also the author of The Rough Guide to Evolution, a popular and wide-ranging introduction to Charles Darwin, the theory of evolution and their ramifications in science and society.