11:10 – Microbiology

This session, chaired by Prof Mark Pallen and Dr Beryl Oppenheim, looks at the work on genomics in diagnosing and tracking bacterial and fungal pathogens in trauma patients

  • Dr Daniel Wilson

    Dr Daniel Wilson

    Dr Wilson works at the University of Oxford as a research fellow in pathogen population genomics. His laboratory focuses on understanding the evolution and epidemiology of bacterial and viral pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus and norovirus via whole genome analysis.

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  • Dr Kerstin Voelz

    Dr Kerstin Voelz

    Dr Voelz is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Birmingham studying the underlying mechanisms of primary cryptococcosis outbreaks, the epidemiology of Candida albicans infections in hospitals by whole genome sequencing and the host-pathogen interaction of zygomycetes, a group of fungi causing detrimental infections in patients, with innate immune cells.

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  • Dr Beryl Oppenheim

    Dr Beryl Oppenheim

    Dr Oppenheim has wide experience in a variety of settings both abroad and in England, including general and specialist hospitals.

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  • Prof Mark Pallen

    Prof Mark Pallen

    Professor Pallen has been Professor of Microbial Genomics at the University of Birmingham since July 2001. Professor Pallen is dually qualified as a scientist (PhD) and as a medic/clinical bacteriologist (MBBS, MRCPath), and benefits from Research Council funding for both bioinformatics and laboratory-based molecular bacteriology projects

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