Professor David J Sharp

Prof David Sharpe

Prof David Sharpe


10:25 – Inflammation and white matter damage after traumatic brain injury


Professor David Sharp is a National Institute of Health Research Professor and consultant neurologist based at Imperial College London.

He has a degree in Psychology, Physiology and Philosophy from the University of Oxford (1993), a degree in Medicine from the Universities of Oxford and London (1996), and a PhD from the University of London (2006).

He was appointed to an NIHR Professorship in 2012 and his programme of research aims to improve clinical outcome after traumatic brain injury. The work focuses on common cognitive impairments in domains such as memory and attention. These often limit recovery and are difficult to treat effectively.

He uses advanced neuroimaging to diagnose the underlying cause of these cognitive problems, particularly focusing on the effect of brain injury on brain network function and the role of inflammation in brain repair.

His NIHR research programme will use changes in network function to guide the development of novel treatment strategies for cognitive impairment.

He works with patients who have suffered various types of traumatic brain injury, and collaborates with The Royal Centre for Defence Medicine to study the effects of blast exposure in the soldiers returning from Afghanistan.