Patient Version

What’s it all about?

Fungal infections are a problem for military patients who suffer blast injuries from bombs or mines exploding nearby. These blasts can spread infection through large parts of the body. This makes them hard to identify and treat. This research will look at ways to spot fungal infections in major trauma patients.

Can I get involved?

In general, we will be using samples and isolates that have been collected for routine diagnosis. However, occasionally we might ask for extra samples, which, if you are a patient, might require your consent. You can also donate to the charity which helps to fund this research. To donate, please visit the website.

How will this research help people?

By spotting fungal infections faster, we will be able to treat patients better. This would also help civilian patients exposed to blast-type injuries in accidents at work or terrorist attacks. It will also help other patients who are vulnerable to infection, such as those with cancer or who have undergone a transplant operation.

How does the research work?

Researchers will use DNA sequencing to find new techniques for diagnosing unusual invasive fungal infections.