Our Team

  • Professor Tony Belli

    Professor Tony Belli

    Director of the NIHR SRMRC / Tony Belli's team

    Mr Belli is the principal or chief investigator of several acute brain injury studies, including an international drug trial for the treatment of traumatic brain injury which has opened at UHB.

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  • Professor Janet Lord

    Professor Janet Lord

    Janet Lord's team / Principal/Chief Investigator

    Prof Lord is director of the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Healthy Ageing Research and is also head of the University’s Centre for Translational Inflammation Research, which is located within the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and due to open in the summer of 2011.

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  • Dr Beryl Oppenheim

    Dr Beryl Oppenheim

    Beryl Oppenheim's team

    Dr Oppenheim is currently Honorary Secretary to the British Infection Association, Assistant Editor for the Journal of Hospital Infection, and sits on a number of expert groups.

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  • Professor Ann Logan

    Professor Ann Logan

    Ann Logan's team

    Professor Logan’s research interests centre on the role of cytokines and growth factors in the scarring and regeneration responses of the injured CNS.

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  • Lieutenant Colonel Mark Foster

    Lieutenant Colonel Mark Foster

    Mark Foster's team

    Maj Foster is a research fellow for the Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma and the NIHR SRMRC. He is in his second year working full-time towards his PhD but also does clinical work on hand trauma.

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  • Professor Liam Grover

    Professor Liam Grover

    Liam Grover's team

    Dr. Liam Grover is a Reader in Biomaterials Science and has been at the University of Birmingham since 2006. Prior to this time he was a Skeletal Health Scholar at McGill University, Montreal.

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  • Prof Naiem Moiemen

    Prof Naiem Moiemen

    Principal/Chief Investigator

    Prof Naiem Moiemen joined the Birmingham Burns Unit in 2000. As Clinical Service Lead for Burns at QEHB, he oversees one of the country’s leading burns treatment facilities, which has developed particular expertise in treating…

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  • Dr Catherine Snelson

    Dr Catherine Snelson

    Catherine Snelson's team

    Dr Catherine Snelson has been a consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham since 2010 and is an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. She is the current chair of the Critical Care…

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  • Dr Heidi Doughty

    Dr Heidi Doughty

    / Tony Belli's team

    Dr Heidi Doughty is affiliated to the NIHR SRMRC with research interests including the development and delivery of innovation in military transfusion support and the application to civilian healthcare. Heid Doughty is a co-applicant and…

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  • Dr Paul Harrison

    Dr Paul Harrison

    Janet Lord's team

    Paul Harrison is the Healing Foundation Senior Lecturer within the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham in the UK. He is a Past- President of the British Society of Haemostasis & Thrombosis…

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  • Professor Nick Loman

    Professor Nick Loman

    Nick Loman's team

    Nick works as Professor of Microbial Genomics and Bioinformatics in the Institute for Microbiology and Infection at the University of Birmingham. His research explores the use of cutting-edge genomics and metagenomics approaches to the diagnosis, treatment…

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  • Lt Col Richard Blanch

    Lt Col Richard Blanch

    Ann Logan's team

    Richard Blanch is a Consultant Ophthalmologist in the British Army and an Academic Clinical Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. He has a particular interest in ocular trauma and works closely with the National Institute…

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  • Professor Deborah Falla

    Professor Deborah Falla

    Deborah Falla's team

    Professor Deborah Falla is an expert in rehabilitation science and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Her research utilises state of the art electrophysiological measures to evaluate the control of human movement and how it is affected or adapted…

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  • Dr Alison Rushton

    Dr Alison Rushton

    Deborah Falla's team

    Dr Alison Rushton is Deputy Director and Research Co-Lead of the Centre of Precision Rehabilitation for Spinal Pain (CPR Spine). CPR Spine was established at the University of Birmingham in 2016 following a ~£1M investment…

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  • Professor Melanie Calvert

    Professor Melanie Calvert

    Melanie Calvert's team

    Professor Melanie Calvert, PhD, is a Professor of Outcomes Methodology at the University of Birmingham UK, has extensive experience in the design and analysis of clinical trials, trials methodology, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, economic evaluation and…

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  • Dr Nicholas Crombie

    Dr Nicholas Crombie

    Nick is a consultant anaesthetist at QEHB specialising in trauma, burns and reconstructive surgery. He is also an established pre-hospital consultant and is the Clinical Lead for both the Midlands Air Ambulance and the West…

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  • Professor Georgios V. Gkoutos

    Professor Georgios V. Gkoutos

    Mark Foster's team

    George Gkoutos is a Professor of Clinical Bioinformatics with interests in the general areas of clinical and biomedical informatics, computational biology, and integrative and translational research aiming at the discovery of molecular origins of human…

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  • Professor Will Palin

    Professor Will Palin

    / Will Palin's team

    Will Palin is a Professor and Chair in Biomedical Materials Science at the School of Dentistry in the Institute of Clinical Sciences. His main area of research into photocurable materials used for both dental and wider…

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  • Professor Nicholas Barnes

    Professor Nicholas Barnes

    Professor Barnes’ principal research interest is translational neuropharmacology and along with Professor Ann Logan and Professor Tony Belli he founded the Translational Neurotrauma Research Group at the University of Birmingham. Professor Barnes has published over…

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  • Conor Bentley

    Conor Bentley

    Mark Foster's team

    Conor Bentley is a senior research practitioner, responsible for managing SRMRC’s military-led  research programmes.He obtained a BSc in nutrition and dietetics at King’s College London and an MSc at Loughborough University in sport and exercise nutrition. He joined…

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  • Dr Jon Hazeldine

    Dr Jon Hazeldine

    Janet Lord's team

    Dr Jon Hazeldine is a Research Fellow working on the acute response to major trauma theme under the tutelage of Professor Janet Lord. Dr Hazeldine obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Human Biology…

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  • Major David Naumann

    Major David Naumann

    Janet Lord's team

    Major David Naumann is a surgical Specialty Registrar with the Defence Medical Services. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2006, and became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 2008. He has served in Germany and Afghanistan as a…

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  • Fenella Halstead

    Fenella Halstead

    Beryl Oppenheim's team

    Fenella Halstead is a Clinical Scientist currently working in the NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC) based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Here she is involved in a range of microbiology…

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  • Dr Charlotte Small

    Dr Charlotte Small

    Catherine Snelson's team

    Dr Charlotte Small is a Specialty Trainee in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Birmingham titled “Restorative Environments for Rehabilitation: Interactive technologies for enhanced early recovery following critical illness…

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  • David Davies

    David Davies

    / Tony Belli's team

    Mr David Davies is a Clinical Lecturer in neurosurgery and at the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham working in the field of traumatic brain injury with the NIHR SRMRC. He initially graduated…

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  • Erik Hughes

    Erik Hughes

    Liam Grover's team

    Erik Hughes’ scientific background is in Chemistry and Biochemistry, achieving a 1st Dual honours BSc at Keele University in 2012. He secured a position as a Research Formulation Engineer shortly after graduation, working towards an…

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  • Joshua Quick

    Joshua Quick

    Nick Loman's team

    Josh is a molecular biologist specialising in next-generation sequencing. He travelled to Guinea in West Africa to establish a the first fieldable mobile laboratory to perform viral surveillance during the Ebola virus epidemic. He also…

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  • Dr Mohammed Hadis

    Dr Mohammed Hadis

    / Will Palin's team

    Mohammed Hadis is a Research Fellow in Biomaterials at the School of Dentistry in the Institute of Clinical Sciences. His areas of research include the interaction of light with materials as well at the biological…

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  • Dr Valentina Di Pietro

    Dr Valentina Di Pietro

    / Tony Belli's team

    Dr Valentina Di Pietro is a Molecular Neuroscientist with experience in Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. During her PhD at the Catholic University of Rome, she specialised in the identification of biomarkers for the diagnosis…

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  • Dr David Evans

    Dr David Evans

    Deborah Falla's team

    Dr David Evans is an expert and clinician in the field of muscoluskeletal pain. His current research at NIHR SRMRC focuses on identifying prognostic factors that predict the outcome of post-trauma pain. This is the…

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  • Dr Anita Slade

    Dr Anita Slade

    Melanie Calvert's team

    Dr Anita Slade PhD is the ITM Research Fellow in the Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) research at the University of Birmingham.   She is experienced in evaluating and developing patient reported outcome measures.   She…

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  • Dr Grace Turner

    Dr Grace Turner

    Melanie Calvert's team

    Dr Grace Turner is a Research Fellow for the Research Design Service (RDS) Birmingham Hub. Her role combines providing support to researchers applying for national, peer-reviewed funding competitions and conducting her own research. Grace’s primary…

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  • Dr Kamal Yakoub

    Dr Kamal Yakoub

    / Tony Belli's team

    Dr. Kamal Yakoub is a junior specialist doctor in neurosurgery and a Neurotrauma clinical research fellow at NIHR SRMRC. He is a native of Alexandria, Egypt; where he graduated with honours from Alexandria University School…

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  • Nabeela Malik

    Nabeela Malik

    Nabeela Malik currently works as an NIHR SRMRC Trauma Research Fellow, based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, having taken time out of general surgical training on the West Midlands Rotation…

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  • Mario Forcione

    Mario Forcione

    Dr Mario Forcione is doing a PhD on the clinical applications of a non-invasive imaging device on traumatic brain injury patients…

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  • Sister Amy Bamford

    Sister Amy Bamford


    Sister Amy Bamford has been a qualified nurse for 17 years, for the last 8 years she has worked as a research nurse. During this time she has predominantly worked in burns research and has…

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  • Karen Ellis

    Karen Ellis


    Karen Ellis is one of NIHR SRMRC Band 6 research nurses with a background in Critical Care. Karen has been a Band 6 in  Critical Care since 2003 and in 2009 joined  the Critical Care…

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  • Samantha Harkett

    Samantha Harkett


    Samantha is a band 6 Research Nurse within the SRMRC, she qualified as an adult nurse in 2009 and spent 18 months working on an Acute Medical ward. After this she transferred into Critical Care…

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  • Colin Bergin

    Colin Bergin


    Colin Bergin is one of SRMRC’s Band 6 research nurses, with a background in critical care nursing. Having previously worked for Lloyds Bank for 14 years he completed his nurse training in 2004 and spent 12 months…

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  • Ronald Carrera

    Ronald Carrera


    Ronald Carrera is one of SRMRC’s Band 6 Research Nurses, playing a key role in screening and recruiting patients for studies and clinical trials. He undertakes consent and randomisation of patients into trials, as well as…

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  • Elaine Spruce

    Elaine Spruce


    Elaine Spruce qualified as a registered nurse in 2008 and has since worked in a variety of specialities.  She has spent 5 years working in critical care as a staff nurse in which she thoroughly…

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  • Liesl Despy

    Liesl Despy


    Liesl worked at Southend General Hospital for ten years in emergency decision and high dependency units before gaining an MSc in Adult Nursing. She was inspired to join the Critical Care team at the QE…

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  • Dr Tony Whitehouse

    Dr Tony Whitehouse

    Catherine Snelson's team

    Dr Tony Whitehouse is a critical care consultant and anaesthetist based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. He is an experienced principal investigator having worked on numerous SRMRC studies in the past. He is…

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  • Dr Karen Piper

    Dr Karen Piper

    Karen Piper's team

    Dr Piper is manager of the SRMRC, overseeing its day-to-day running as well as planning and future developments in co-ordination with the Director, Professor Sir Keith Porter.

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  • Dr Ali Cook

    Dr Ali Cook

    Karen Piper's team

    Dr Ali Cook graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry in 1992, followed by completing a PhD in 1997 on ‘Blood Cell Filterability in Health and Vascular Disease’, both at the University of Wales College…

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  • Dr Laura Nice

    Dr Laura Nice

    Karen's team

    Dr Laura Nice. Laura is the Patient and Public Involvement Lead for the SRMRC. Her role is to ensure patients and the public have meaningful and rewarding involvement in the work of the centre. Laura…

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  • Claire Potter

    Claire Potter

    Claire obtained a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bedfordshire and went on to complete an MRes (Masters by Research) in Environmental Physiology at the same institute. She joined the D3B…

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  • Lauren Cooper

    Lauren Cooper

    Admin team

    Lauren joined the team in 2011 as a clinical trial administrator then was promoted to Clinical Trials Coordinator in 2015.  Lauren provides administrative support to the SRMRC Trauma Research Team, including setting up clinical trials and…

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  • Laura Mee

    Laura Mee

    Admin team

    Laura Mee has been working as a Clinical Trials Administrator for just over a year now, working on trials across the three different specialities. She was previously an apprentice before being taken on as a…

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  • Sukhdeep Nazran

    Sukhdeep Nazran

    Admin team

    Sukhi Joined the SRMRC team in January 2018 as a Clinical Trials Coordinator- providing administrative support in the set up and administration of clinical trials. She is also part of the HaPN team. With a…

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  • Minnie Ventura

    Minnie Ventura

    Admin team

    Minnie joined the SRMRC in December 2017 as Clinical Trials Coordinator providing administrative support in the set-up and administration of clinical trials. With a background in policy research, Minnie developed interest in clinical research when…

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