Trauma centre closes first study

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Researchers working at the country’s only trauma research centre are celebrating the successful closure of the centre’s first study.

The study is looking at the way the body’s inflammatory systems respond to traumatic injury, with samples now taken from 100 civilian and military patients who have been treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

The research, led by Maj Mark Foster, is part of the work being undertaken by the NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and  Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC). The centre was established in January 2011 to bring to the NHS lessons learned from treating wounded military patients.

Blood and urine samples have tested and the results will now undergo thorough analysis to look for key indicators of how the body’s inflammatory systems work.

The success comes shortly after the recent appointment of a fourth research nurse, Sr Gemma Qiu, to the SRMRC team. She joins Senior Research Nurse Sr Aisling Clarkson, Military Research Nurse Warrant Officer Ann Carter and Research Nurse Sr Laura Moore.

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