The Trauma Research Forum is back

28 September 2017

The Trauma Research Forum has returned. These forums are an opportunity for researchers and clinicians to find out what their fellow trauma research colleagues are working on, a chance to network and to stay up to date with all of the latest research coming out of the Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC).

However these forums are not just for those currently involved in research. If you’re a healthcare professional that has an interest in trauma and wants to find out more about what is currently happening at the SRMRC then you’re always welcome.

These sessions consist of two speakers, one beginning at 9am and the other straight after. The forum is normally finished by 10.30am with an opportunity to stay behind and talk to fellow researchers and clinicians.

The Trauma Research Forum is normally the last Friday of the month and is hosted in the Learning Centre at the University of Birmingham Campus. There is tea, coffee and biscuits ready for you when you arrive. Below you will find the official schedule for the next five forums. If you want more info please email

Date 9am speaker 9.45am speaker
Friday 29 September 2017 Major David Naumann

“Major trauma and haemorrhage causes damage to the microcirculation: a description of the mechanisms and importance”

Fenella Halstead

Using blue light to kill bacterial biofilms”

Friday 27 October 2017 Dr Jon Hazeldine

Mechanisms underlying trauma-induced changes in inflammation and immunity”

Dr Ghazala Begum

“Neuroprotective cell/drug therapies for ocular injuries”

Friday 24 November 2017 Khaled Al-Terrah

Steroid Hormone Status and Its influence on Outcomes following Major burn Injury”

Dr Erik Hughes

“Formulation of ceramic biomaterials for hard tissue repair”

Friday 15 December 2017 Britt Ter Horst

“Spray cells to enhance burn wound healing”

Dr Anita Slade

“What is Rasch Analysis? An introduction to Rasch analysis and its application to patient reported outcomes and assessments used in health, education, psychology, and social sciences”

Friday 26 January 2018 Dr Mohammed Hadis

“The development of novel antibacterial technologies: High-throughput light delivery and characterisation for optimisation of photodisinfection”

Fiona Howroyd

Works on the Intensive Care Unit Chat study (talk title TBC)