Open Seminar: Professor Stephen Davies

04 March 2015

Professor Stephen Davies:

“Development of Astrocyte and Decorin-based Therapies for CNS Repair”

Date: 04 March 2015
Time: 12pm-1:30pm
Venue: Lecture Theatre 5, Education Centre, First Floor, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
No registration is necessary

Professor Stephen Davies will be giving a seminar on spinal cord injury research at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham on Wednesday 4th March.

The head of the spinal research laboratory at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Australia will be presenting “Development of Astrocyte and Decorin-based Therapies for CNS Repair” from 12noon-1.30pm.

Professor Davies, a renowned authority on the central nervous system (CNS), has devoted his scientific career to gaining a better understanding of why axon regeneration fails in the mammalian CNS and the development of new technologies for repairing the injured or diseased brain and spinal cord.

Professor Ann Logan, from the National Institute for Health Research Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (NIHR SRMRC), said: “We are honoured that Professor Davies will be giving this seminar on his work with Decorin.

“We’re also making some very exciting discoveries with this small, leucine rich protein here at the NIHR SRMRC and so it’s really wonderful to be able to compare notes.”

The seminar, which is free to attend and open to all, will be held in Lecture Theatre 5 of the Education Centre which is located on level one of QEHB.

For enquiries please contact Rosie Sanderson or Hannah Brooks in the NIHR SRMRC on 0121 371 4223.