Microbiology Workshop

04 June 2014


Novel Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Hospital Infections


Wednesday 4 June 2014

13:00 – 16:15

Lecture Theatre 2, Education Centre

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

The aim of this workshop is provide a networking opportunity to build upon/ develop new collaborations between clinicians (e.g. surgeons, clinical microbiologists) and academics (scientists) in this exciting highly topical field.

The programme (Novel Strategies for the Prevention and Treatment of Hospital Infections_Jun 2014_FINAL) will begin with a taster of some of the clinical challenges our clinicians face day-day (e.g. osteomyelitis, catheter infections, wound infections), followed by a few relevant talks showcasing the work within the microbiology theme of the  NIHR Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre (SRMRC). The event will conclude with an open forum for the audience to participate – e.g. bring along a slide to publicise for e.g. their research/ methodology/ clinical problem. From this we hope some new collaborations/ideas will be (re)-ignited.

If you wish to attend and/or wish to participate in the open forum please email: ResearchSRMRC@uhb.nhs.uk